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Practical help in growth and change implementation

A good leader helps their employees to success, and a good leader is a service professional.

When solving problems, creativity comes in handy. When there is nothing but white paper, you just pick up the pen and draw a line, and when the idea emerges and the goal becomes clear – that’s when you take out the crayons. It’s the same when a company is facing a problem: you need to start somewhere, until a possible solution emerges and energy takes over.

I work as a interim manager or interim person for companies in the middle of an organizational change, or when an expert is needed fast. I analyze the situation, device an action plan together with the management and owners, and then implement the plan.

My experience ranges from startups to listed companies, from production and purchases to sales and marketing, and from information systems to human resources and product development.

I can help companies in growth and internationalization, and as I have wide network of good connections, we’ll get a quick and practical start.

I work as a coach and a mentor for companies, and I’m also a speaker and give lectures especially on internationalization-related themes.

For me forming a part of a company’s board of directors is rewarding and educational work, and I am happy to offer my expertise to companies as a member of the board.

International business is my passion, and I have been involved with it for my entire career. I have lived and worked abroad for more than 10 years, both in the East and in the West. In addition to Finnish I also speak fluent English, German and Swedish.

For me the best possible reward is seeing how individuals and organizations surpass their limitations and grow and develop to a new level − both as individuals and as organizations.

When you need someone to train your company to top condition, always taking into consideration your practices and the individuals involved, just contact me; I’ll guarantee the best possible service.

My services

  • Interim manager
  • Change management
  • Internationalizer
  • Board member

  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Trainer

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