Color therapy and creative madness
as tools for finding new angles

We all see art in our own unique way. Art helps us to accept and understand differing views and opinions and allows us to see solutions we might not have thought of otherwise.

Some time ago a dear friend of mine inspired me to try printmaking. It was love at first class! Now I know what I’ll do when I’ll retire.

The first arts class lead to many alike, over the weekends and summer holidays. The reward lies in seeing the joy my work brings to people.

The final painting rarely is what you initially planned for, and the results are never certain. But practice makes perfect, and my technical skills are better after each class. More often than not I now manage to capture the atmosphere and the colors I was aiming for.

For me art is searching for new angles: art is a new and fresh interpretation of our reality, always questioning all that is old and traditional.

Art must re-evaluate our established views and lead the way towards a new future.